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Friday, 10 August 2012

Running Pains

As part of our efforts to stay healthy, he who fixes the computer and I go running together. Sometimes it's enjoyable, sometimes it's a struggle, sometimes it feels like torture, and I find myself slogging along in my fitter other half's wake, scowling enviously at those far more sensible women cruising past in their air-conditioned cars.
Having seen this particular news article, however, I have made a private promise not to moan too much the next time I'm pounding along the local roads with sweat dripping down my back and my lungs threatening to pop. The story in question is that of the American relay runner, Manteo Mitchell, who broke his leg halfway into his 400 metre stint, but still carried on to help his team to qualification for the final:
US Sprinter Breaks Leg During Race
What an absolute hero! Now that sums up the spirit of the games. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Manteo.

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