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Friday 31 August 2012

Billy and the North Oakian Alliance

The adventures of Billy of Boldre Wood continue in the exciting second book, 'Billy and the North Oakian Alliance', now available on Amazon for Kindle:
The Carintheans have stepped up their interests in Boldre Wood, making increasing forays to the shore. But at a time when the people of Boldre Wood should be working together to defend their homeland, the North Oakian Council remains stubborn, refusing to form an alliance with their old foe Angloak under any circumstances.Billy, struggling to settle once more to normal life on Floor 14, uncovers a conspiracy during a homework assignment that could help the two tree nations overcome their difficulties. 
However, before he can expose the scandal he must evade a powerful family determined to stop him by whatever means. As he sets out across the Great Lake bound for North Oak, he is followed by an enemy that has no intention of giving up without a fight, even if it means sacrificing the whole of Boldre Wood. 
Can Billy make it to the North Oakian Council chambers to present his evidence, and if he does, will they or anyone else listen?
Here's the link to Billy's second Kindle page: Billy and the North Oakian Alliance
Go Billy!

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