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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Antipodean Superhero

Sometimes the world needs a superhero to fly in and right the many wrongs and injustices, to plug the exploding volcano, to stop the tidal wave, to rescue stricken ships and falling aeroplanes, and, of course, to beat back those dastardly wheelclampers!
Yes, Australia has a superhero: Wheel Clamp Man, complete with his own super costume - well, green lycra, black speedos, a red Zorro mask, fake moustache and a green hard hat, not to mention his trusty angle grinder. His enemy is the wheel clamp. His nemesis, the Western Australian police, who are less than appreciative of his heroics, regarding them instead as criminal damage. They have called upon the public to turn him in so he can be dealt with - spoil sports!
Telegraph Wheel Clamp Man Story

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