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Tuesday 14 August 2012

QT Anthology Update

Some time ago I mentioned that the second anthology needed one more story, to avoid jangling my superstitious side by publishing a collection of 13 stories. At last, I have story number 14! There's some work to do on editing and conversion, but The QT Anthology, Unseen Stories is now very close to launch.
In other news, I am continuing the read-through of Book Two of the trilogy. I've found a few things I want to change, just to add the final gloss to the story, but I'm well over halfway through now and am confident it won't be long before I announce the launch date of 'Billy and the North Oakian Alliance'.

Coming soon:


  1. Artwork is looking good Kay :) Love it!

  2. Thank you, much appreciated. I'm keeping with the Boldre Wood theme, with Billy taking pride of place. He'll be there on the book three cover too, though I haven't designed that yet!
    Thanks for your comment.