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Thursday 16 August 2012

No Funnies, Just an Angry Billionaire

The news has lost its way since the Olympics ended. There are few funny or heartwarming stories about, unless you're looking for cute animal stories - sweet, but samey.
There was a debate earlier in the week considering the impact the news media has on the national mood. During the Olympics, the news was largely positive, happy, celebratory even, but there was a fear that the end of the games would see a return to a preoccupation with bad news. It seems that fear has been realised.
Large in the news is Richard Branson, furious with the government's handling of the bid for the contract on the West Coast rail line. He lost the bid, he claims unfairly. Now, he may have a point, but he begins to risk sounding like a two year old throwing a tantrum because he lost out in a free-market bid. Though if I'm being honest, I'd side with Branson over the government every time.
It's an interesting story, but it's laced with vitriol, conspiracy and contempt. You read the story and, whichever side you take, your blood pressure rises. I'd like to appeal to the various news agencies to bring a little balance to the national mood. Let's have some funny stories, some happy stories, some positivity. They're better for our health!

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