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Thursday 30 August 2012

Paralympic Opening Ceremony

We watched the Paralympic Opening Ceremony last night. I had planned on seeing the British team come into the stadium then sloping off to bed, but I stayed til the end. Goosebump inducing music, colours, flying athletes, lights, umbrellas, dancing - how could I resist. I'm pretty tired now though, so I feel for the athletes competing today who attended the ceremony last night.
The only bugbear for me was the constant ad breaks. If only the event had been covered by the BBC, even with their annoying presenters burbling away all the time, we wouldn't have missed anything. Channel 4 really let the side down by cutting away for commercials. It seemed so disrespectful.
So, a big raspberry to Channel 4 for not understanding the importance of the event, but at least the Telegraph has a fairly comprehensive Paralympic Opening Ceremony Gallery for anyone who missed it, or simply wants to admire the spectacle again.
Very good luck to all the Paralympians.

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