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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Revisions for my Dream House

I sometimes get taken by the urge to move house, find somewhere with a bit of land, grow our own vegetables, maybe even keep chickens. My dream house is old, added to and adapted by various owners throughout the ages. It has stairs leading to random rooms, with forgotten cupboards. It's littered with nooks and crannies. Oh yes, and in a dark attic I uncover a forgotten library of old books, and maybe even one of those old library chairs that flips over into a set of steps - oh wait, I might have strayed into the opening scenes of 'National Treasure' now. Still, you get the idea.
It would seem that my imagination may have been lacking.
Widely portrayed across the internet at the moment is a house on the market in Nevada. The house itself is your typical luxury 6 bedroom mansion, no real surprises there. What makes it a bit different is the outside landscaping. The garden is a waterpark complete with waterfalls, a secret grotto (I want, I want!), bridges, waterwheel and a 'lazy' river. It also has mountain views, a tennis court and an 8 car garage. Yours for £1.9m. I've already formulated a savings plan. I should just about have enough by autumn 2097.
If you'd like to know more, there are lots of photos in the Telegraph Gallery.

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