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Monday 6 August 2012

Olympic Heroes

I haven't spent much time in the company of my computer these last few days. I've been acting as labourer and second consult in the construction of the new shed (which is nearly finished at last), and I've also been rather distracted by the Olympics.
The latter has led to a whole new set of ambitions:
       Firstly I'm going to be a cyclist - though not in the velodrome, that looks scary
       Then I'm going to be a champion rower - not paddler, as I suspect I would probably do the
             entire canoe slalom upside down and I believe they deduct quite a lot of points for that
       Next I'm going to be a long jumper, high jumper and hurdler
       I'm also going to become a crack shot at Skeet Shooting
       And a trampolinist, a swimmer, a weightlifter and ....
So, the London Olympic aim of inspiring a generation has worked, though I have a feeling the inspiration would have worked better for me had it struck thirty years ago.

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