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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An Old Friend

I've decided to take a break from my Mac keyboard. I was suspicious of it when we first got it, but it's sleek and small and looks tidy on the desk, and I hoped that with use I would grow accustomed to the flat, low bounce keys. I suppose I did to a degree, but recently I've found myself missing my old Microsoft curvy keyboard, bought as a leaving present by my former colleagues.
It's like welcoming an old friend back into my life. I've tapped out the better part of three books on this keyboard. The high traffic keys are so worn that anyone unable to touch-type would find it impossible to navigate. In fact, a closer inspection reveals the only letters still reasonably untouched are Q, F, G and B!
I have to configure it to work fully with the Mac - when I figure out how. At the moment I've lost some of the keyboard shortcuts, but even so, it's good to be back on the curve. Here's hoping it re-ignites my creativity after the excitement of the Olympics.

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