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Thursday 24 May 2012

Young Adventurers

I'm told that when I was very young, I once took my beloved rag doll and set off on a walk, all by myself. I was found after a frantic search, trundling happily along the road chatting to 'Looby'. It apparently caused much excitement, I just wish I could remember it! The most surprising element of the story was that a driver had pulled up alongside a by now rather desperate wise one to ask him if he was looking for the little girl with a rag doll he had seen walking along the road. It was only later, once the drama was over, that the wise ones had chance to wonder why the driver hadn't thought to stop and keep me safe until they could be located.
Still, it pales in comparison with the adventure of one little boy in China who, deciding he'd had enough of being with his grandad, jumped on his electric toy scooter and set off in search of more interesting entertainment elsewhere. His journey took him across a frankly terrifying multi-lane junction, right into the path of head-on traffic. Happily, he was unharmed and was escorted back to his grandfather by bemused police officers. But in a startling echo of all those years ago, not one of the drivers steering their vehicles around him had stopped and taken him to safety!
By the way, Looby is still around. She is enjoying retirement now, spending her days snoozing on the bed. She wishes me to make it absolutely clear that our adventure was not her idea and that she did everything in her power to stop me.

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