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Monday 7 May 2012

Cold Sweat

It was December 22nd, and I had done next to no preparations for Christmas. A small pile of cards waited on the dining table, written and stamped, but for some reason not posted. I picked them up and flicked through them, noting with dismay that I had missed out half my list, including some of the closest family. It was a disaster! What on earth was wrong with me? I used to be so organised, the cards would all be written at the beginning of December, ready for posting at the start of the second week.
And the presents! My usual hiding places were bare. I had not bought a single present, nor even thought about what I should buy. How had I ended up so hopelessly disorganised? How could I possibly have forgotten to prepare for Christmas?
And that was when I woke up. Don't you hate those ultra realistic dreams? I have an overwhelming urge to start making Christmas cards now, just so I'm ready.

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