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Friday, 25 May 2012

Cluster Writing

Café ThreeZero is already working on the next of its anthologies. This time we each came up with an idea, or a start for a story, which we submitted to the pot. We were then assigned each others ideas, under the appropriate working title 'Random'.
It's an exciting approach, but I'm in trouble already as I'm really struggling with my writing at the moment. I know roughly what I want to do with the idea I've been assigned, but I've been struggling to get it into any sort of order. Then one of my fellow CTZers told me about using Cluster Diagrams to nail down my thoughts. It sounded a little strange but I decided to give it a go.
I won't attempt to explain the technique, others are infinitely more qualified, instead I'll provide a link to a useful webpage for those who want to know more:
I found it quite difficult. I'm apparently not very good at allowing my sub-conscious free rein, but it has helped me put my plan into some sort of order. However, planning is one thing, writing ... well that's another matter altogether!

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