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Wednesday 9 May 2012



Quite frankly, that probably makes more sense than the email I received from the Kindle Publishing team this morning. It certainly sums up my reaction fairly succinctly and has the added advantage that it needs no warning of bad language, although there may have been a little of that this morning, if I'm being completely honest.
My efforts to convey to Kindle that I want the first of the anthologies to be free have so far failed. Epically. I can feel myself nudging towards the point of despair now. I'm sure I'm using plain language, I'm pretty sure I'm explaining the situation succinctly, and I'm almost sure I'm using the right method of contact. Yet, from the responses I'm getting, I might as well be trying to communicate in Arcturian, using an abacus to explain the finer points of Atomic Theory - which incidentally, I couldn't possibly do on the grounds that the Arcturians dispute many of the basic principles of the theory. (By the way, I have no idea if that's true. Perhaps any Arcturians reading this could enlighten me, though preferably in English, and face to face with lots of diagrams!)
I do realise that Kindle Publishing are there to make money, but book one is about marketing for the coming series of anthologies. Hopefully the subsequent books will make money, but only if I can pursue my planned marketing strategy now.
I haven't given up. I've contacted them again this morning, using hopefully even plainer language. Third time lucky?

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