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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Bit of Humour for Medicine

The wise one gave us all a scare yesterday. Apparently we hadn't been paying him enough attention and to remind us all that he's still around he resorted to a high speed dash to hospital. He was pretty poorly, but modern medicine demonstrated its wonders and he should soon be back on his feet. For future reference, Wise One, a simple 'Oy' will be enough to get our attention.
Anyway, I know he, amongst others, will appreciate the story on the Telegraph's website today featuring a particularly cruel trick played upon an unsuspecting chap on his stag do. Blindfolded, strapped into a safety harness attached to a bungee, then steered to the perilous edge of a platform, the resulting drop turned out to be rather different to expectations:
Get well soon, Dad!

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