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Monday, 28 May 2012

Thrill Seekers

I spent many hours as a child attempting to fly by jumping off the climbing frame the wise one had built for us. I eventually reached the depressing conclusion that science was right after all: humans are strictly land-based creatures. So I have certain ideas about sky-diving which perhaps don't really chime with today's adrenaline junkie, thrill seeking culture. But really, if you're in a perfectly serviceable aeroplane why the devil would you jump out of it?
One 80 year old lady in the USA is probably asking herself the same thing right now. She decided to give it a go, only to change her mind at the last second. The video can be seen on the Telegraph's website, but be prepared, it'll have you clinging to your seat! Suffice to say, both she and the instructor survived, but I don't know how:
I'm not sure who was at fault really, the instructor for not letting her back out, or the woman for not thinking it through properly. But all credit to the instructor and camera man for somehow getting her to the ground in one piece.
As for me, I'm staying on terra-firma. I survived sky-diving from our climbing frame, that's enough excitement for anyone!

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