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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rude Rejection

I had another rejection for 'Lucky Dip' today. The agency concerned shall remain nameless, but the manner of their rejection was quite simply staggering.
Firstly they advised me that the women's fiction market has collapsed, whilst including a postcard advertising the latest work of a women's fiction author they represent. How charming - 'we can't sell women's fiction, by the way, please buy this women's fiction novel from one of our authors'!
Secondly, they didn't even trouble themselves to find a fresh piece of paper, choosing instead to scrawl a barely legible reply on the bottom of my own letter to them. Still, I suppose they should be applauded for not wasting resources!
Thirdly, they advised me that first person narrative is 'so restrictive'! Some of the best novels I have read have been in the first person. There is nothing like the first person narrative for really taking your reader into the heart of the character.
Rejections are never fun to receive, but this bordered upon rude. I suspect I would have found it impossible to work with them, even if they had thought my novel was wonderful!
Hey ho! 'Lucky Dip' is still being considered by other agents. I haven't given up yet, I just hope that future rejections are rather more mannerly!

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