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Wednesday 23 May 2012

The Restorative Powers of Ice Cream

I've never seen the wise one eat ice cream before, but following medical treatment after a long 'nil by mouth' wait he was finally permitted to take food and drink. Two tubs of vanilla ice cream were duly delivered. He poked at it a little uncertainly for a moment then, the next time I looked, it had gone! In its place was a smiling and much happier looking wise one.

The wise one's boss was flagging a little after several dramatic and frightening days. She'd left the car at home, as parking at the hospital is a cut-throat business during visiting hours, and was now stoically insisting that she would make the long journey home by bus. Like we'd allow that! We bundled her into the car, took her home, and promptly caused utter chaos in her formerly orderly kitchen by 'helpfully' cooking her a meal that I'm not at all sure she wanted. We managed to mostly restore order before we left, but I still felt rotten leaving her. Hopefully today normal service will resume. I just hope she has a good stock of ice cream in her freezer!

Whilst hunting for a happy news story to cheer everyone up this morning, I stumbled across one that's in keeping with the chilly theme. The Daily Mail website has a story today involving a very cute young penguin who decided to investigate a travel blogger who happened to be passing through. Not funny as such, but it will make you smile:

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