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Thursday 10 May 2012

Driving Lessons

There's a person, I'm assuming it's a young man but I could be wrong, who screams through the village on a very noisy motorbike at around 5:30 most mornings. It's annoying to put it mildly. On weekend evenings, the familiar sound of squealing tyres rings out as the boy racers, or they could of course be girl racers, indulge in a little high speed entertainment in their Clios and 205s. For the most part it's met with little more than gentle eye-rolling, possibly accompanied by a sigh or a pithy observation about the intellect of the individuals involved.
In one Polish village however, residents became so exasperated by the antics of a local boy racer they decided to take action. The young man was somewhat surprised to find that his neighbours had parked his car for him ... in a tree! Nobody in the village is actually owning up to the 'hoist' and the local police seemed to be of the opinion that it was the young man's problem, and might serve as a good lesson for him.
Now, where can I borrow a crane?

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