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Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Nocturnal Gardener

We had long suspected that the garden was playing host to a mysterious nocturnal visitor but, aside from a slowly emerging path beaten through the undergrowth close to the fence, we had no evidence. Then the other night, whilst standing outside trying to catch a glimpse of some nearby fireworks, I heard a persistent rustling.
He who fixes the computer was dispatched to find a torch and, after a good deal of crawling around and peering through foliage, we spotted our timid guest - a hedgehog! The poor chap seemed rather bewildered to find himself, quite literally, in the spotlight, and tucked himself in against the fence to try to evade capture. The only capture made was a quick snap on the camera, then we left him in peace to continue constructing his little 'roadway' through the garden.
It's nice to know that our postage stamp sized garden is providing a safe home to the local wildlife. I'm just secretly relieved it wasn't a rat!

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