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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Knowing Your Rights

BBC News ran a story this morning reporting on the dodgy tactics bailiffs have been using to trick people into allowing them entry to their homes. One couple interviewed had a very unpleasant encounter with a bailiff whilst they were, perfectly legally, disputing a parking ticket. He gained entry to their property and then refused to leave, despite being asked to do so by the police.
The trouble is, the law as it stands is loaded in favour of the bailiffs. Having gained entry to your property once, they can then enter by force on subsequent visits. I find that quite terrifying, especially as they have been shown to be masters at manipulating and tricking people into allowing them inside on that first visit.
The video of the report can be seen here:
It's also worth having a read of the UK rules governing bailiffs, so that you know your rights in the, hopefully unlikely, event that you are visited by these people:
Interestingly, they are not permitted to gain entry by blocking the door with their boot, but they can gain entry through a door or window left open.
Hopefully it's advice you'll never need, but mistakes are sometimes made. It's always good to know your rights.

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