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Monday 24 October 2011

Trilogy Rewrite

I have an idea of how to rewrite the children's trilogy but am now facing a dilemma. Do I invent new characters, new names, new everything, or do I use the characters I've already created? I know the characters I have, I love them as friends, I know their moods, their strengths, their weaknesses. But I can envisage a situation where I could be accused of plagiarising my own work!
The fact is, the story will have to be dramatically different - the old one simply won't work in the new environment I've created - but I'm mindful that I have sent the original version to a few agents. They all rejected it, prompting me to review the work, but is it a good idea to incorporate the old with the new, or should I simply start all over?
On the whole, I'm desperate to let those characters out to have their moment. They're mine - I'm going to use them!

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