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Saturday 8 October 2011

Smelly Fridges and Useless Shredders

So far it's been one of those days. Having finally tracked down a putrid smell that has been driving me to distraction for the last fortnight to the fridge, we launched an all out assault on it this morning. Aside from finding long forgotten chutneys, pickled onions that were growing hair and a slab of feta that had turned runny, we discovered that the drain hole was blocked. It smells a lot more fragrant now, but I can't help thinking it looks a little shocked.
We rounded off that excitement by taking the new shredder for a test drive. It failed. A machine that promised to confetti cut our unwanted personal papers barely managed a ribbon cut. As a something of a jigsaw fanatic it would have taken me no time at all to piece it back together and make off with all our details - yes, I know I already know them! - so it was promptly returned to the shop. We're back to using the old one, which does a perfectly good job, as long as you only feed it one sheet of paper at a time and speak soothing words to it. The search for a shredder that can live up to its manufacturer's claims continues.

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