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Monday 3 October 2011

Silly season

We're now into the third week of party conferences. The Lib Dems and Labour have had their party, now it's the Tories turn. The thing that strikes me most is that the rhetoric, whilst to a degree politically skewed, is largely the same across the parties. They're all on our side, nice to know, they all know we're suffering, which would have been hard to miss, and they're all keen to stand shoulder to shoulder with the hard working British public. This is all excellent news.
Things should, given the empathy our politicians have for our plight, soon be picking up. They understand that we're struggling, they know that rising prices are severely squeezing family budgets, they sympathise about the cost of running a car and heating a house. Such great understanding must signal a desire to implement policies that will make our lives better! Happy days!
Reading between the lines, they all want the hard working people's vote, and once they've got that, they all want the hard working people's money. 

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