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Tuesday 4 October 2011

Trials of Being a Debut Author

Today I am supposed to be continuing the fresh edit of 'Billy of Boldre Wood'. I'm having a hard time drumming up the enthusiasm for the task. I love the story, it's completely new, totally different, creative, exciting and colourful, but it's hard to keep working on something that has been rejected by ten agents.
Now I know ten isn't many. I know that a lot of people send their work to forty or fifty agents/ publishers before finding someone who recognises its potential, but do I have the resilience, the fortitude, to keep withstanding the knocks? I hope so. 
Is the basis of the story rubbish? Actually, I really don't think so, and I've asked the question repeatedly, prepared to walk away and give up on it if my answer was yes. But I genuinely don't believe it is. I think it's new, which I know is scary. I think it's imaginative, which again is scary, but I also think it's a terrific story. 
I just hope I get to tell it!