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Thursday 13 October 2011


Three men filmed themselves clambering onto the roof of an external lift and riding it to the top of a hotel in Benidorm. That sounds pretty radical to me, since probably only as a means of escaping an enraged tiger would I ride such an elevator, as intended, let alone standing on top of it, but no, for these guys the ride was just a means of reaching the top. On arrival they had a very short debate about who was going first, then one by one, they base-jumped off it.
I have a colossal fear of high places, largely because there is that tiny voice in my head telling me to jump. Maybe these guys started base-jumping as a means of silencing the tiny voice. If so, it doesn't appear to have worked. I think I'll stick to good ol' dependable stairs. They don't get stuck between floors, their cables don't snap, and at least if I succumb to the tiny voice there, I won't make an unsightly blot on the pavement.
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