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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Anyone Got a Carrier Pigeon?

I think technology is wonderful, see my Skype post for proof of that, but it's also reassuringly fallible. Which is a good thing. Its frailties ensure that we don't totally lose the ability to communicate the old fashioned way, in person, or by letter.
Blackberry users have had a lengthy reminder of this in the last couple of days, as their messager service across Europe, the Middle East and Africa has been crippled by a technical fault. Outraged BBMers are, justifiably, furiously demanding refunds and threatening to switch to iPhones. Now that's fighting talk!
The thing is the system will be repaired, everyone will spend a couple of hours frantically messaging, venting their spleen and ranting about how badly the situation has been handled, and then they'll return to normal and forget all about it. One or two might take a stand and switch allegiance, but the majority will carry on as before.
It does make you wonder though. Maybe Harry Potter had the right idea. I'm pretty sure that owls don't suffer core switching failures (whatever the heck that means) and are not prone to backlogging data. The only question is, are they MAC compatible?

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