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Monday 24 October 2011

So That's Where the Council Tax Goes!

I got a speck of dust in my eye this morning. It hurt like hell and left me blundering around a busy car park blinking furiously with tears streaming down my cheeks. It only lasted a few seconds, and I quickly forgot about it. Until I read this:
I think I could be in line for a big payout in compensation for my pain and suffering! In fact, the other day whilst in town I almost tripped over a raised paving slab. Added to which, my hair ended up completely mussed thanks to all this heavy wind. Hm, I may never need to buy a lottery ticket again!


  1. That rain today almost ruined my hair, do you think I can get some money?!

  2. Sorry but no, the council ran out of money paying the woman who was attacked by a rogue carrier bag!