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Thursday 20 October 2011

People Watching

I struck out in search of inspiration today. I spent the morning roaming the local shops, people watching, puzzling over 'must have' union jack cushions and this season's trend for lopsided knitwear. I filled two pages of my Pukka Pad, so something in the ol' noggin must have been stirred!
Perhaps it was the cottage in the village that smelled of wood smoke - no, I'm almost certain it wasn't on fire - or maybe it was the bewildered looking gentleman standing in the middle of Sainsburys with a bag of bananas in the crook of his arm, it could even have been the woman with the desperate look in her eye who had been nabbed by one of the energy salesman - they're getting sneaky, I saw one hiding behind the Heinz soup display and managed to take avoiding action - but it seems to have been a productive morning.
When I spotted the elderly couple sharing a brownie in the coffee shop I started to feel lonely. As much as I was out there 'working' I would much rather have been sharing a cake and pondering what it could have been that had so confused banana man with my husband. I headed homewards after that. There's nothing worse than feeling lonely in a crowd!

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