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Monday, 4 February 2013

New Toy!

We've got a new toy: a shiny new Samsung tablet. It's all the wise two's fault because they bought themselves tablets and were showing them off the other weekend. Actually I should probably own up here, we had been discussing buying a new laptop so I could play the new Sim City but I was balking at making such a sizeable dent in our savings just to play one game. A tablet was a much cheaper option and has access to all manner of games from the app stores. So when we saw the wise two's new toys our minds were made up.
So far I've ploughed through two hidden object games (The Secret of Grisly Manor, and The Lost City), gone several rounds of Sudoku, blundered through various rounds of Mahjong, and I've even tried my hand at bridge building (Bridge Constructor). Sadly I'm astonishingly bad at the last - the bridge building world has missed nothing in me.
All this is just my way of excusing myself from my blogging responsibilities for the last few days - I do so love new toys! However, normal service shall now resume. The tablet will be firmly tucked out of sight until the evening. On with the writing. I'm currently working on the final instalment of the Boldre Wood Trilogy, as well as looking for new material for the third QT Anthology. In fact, the new tablet could be a boon with the latter as I plan on using it in the local coffee shops on my inspiration hunts. See, it's not all play, honest.

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