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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Two Minute Round Up

Currently in the news: it perhaps comes as no great surprise that a politician has admitted perverting the course of justice, though he was at pains to point out his original misdemeanour took place ten years ago - not sure that makes it any better really but he seemed to think it was important.
The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has offered to be launched into space. I imagine there will be a queue of world leaders lobbying to be allowed to light the touchpaper, but all credit to him. I can't picture the British prime minister volunteering to be 'sacrificed by the scientists', though I can picture the queue of hard-up Brits lobbying to comply.
In New Zealand a tourist had all his holiday money stolen when he stopped at a beauty spot to admire the view. The thief is reported to have been a parrot who flew through the open window of the unfortunate tourist's campervan and snatched his cash. Police are not hopeful of apprehending the offender, at least, not while they're still all rolling around on the floor laughing.
Richard III was buried beneath a Leicester car park. Obviously it wasn't a car park at the time but even so, it's a pretty ignoble end. And how would you feel knowing you'd been parking your Ford (other makes are available, I chose Ford because it's quick to type but of course a Lamborghini, Volkswagen etc. would work equally well) on top of Richard III?
And finally, on the subject of car parks, Network Rail had cordoned off one of their car parks in Edinburgh in order to do resurfacing work. But it would seem that when the owner of one Mercedes (again, other makes are available, bad parking is by no means the preserve of Mercedes) arrived to see his usual car park cordoned off he decided to shift the barriers and park there anyway. Well, you know how it is, you use the same car park every day favouring the same spot each time, you get attached to it, it's hard to imagine parking anywhere else. Exasperated workers decided to carry on regardless leaving the car on its own little island, but they were gracious enough to build ramps to facilitate the rescue of the vehicle.

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