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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Influential Reading

It's another boring news day, or perhaps I should say, it's another bad news day. The lighter articles comprise photo montages of cute animals looking adoringly at each other (they're probably assessing how best to eat each other) along with the usual 'romantic' proposals and twee love stories. Well, I suppose it is Valentine's Day.
The writing has been a huge labour this week. I suspect it's a reaction to the book I'm currently reading, which I won't name as I would find it hard to be complimentary, but it's very dark and the plot is absurd. I'm persevering with it out of sheer bloody-mindedness.
Anyway, it's beaten my sense of humour into gibbering submission and, knowing how my writing is influenced by what I read, my next book will definitely have to be a comedy.
All suggestions welcome!

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