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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Women at Work (and Play)

The BBC has released the results of a 'survey' conducted by a panel of judges to decide which women are the most powerful. Now, I'm sure it's an oversight, but my name didn't feature anywhere on the list. I suspect restricting themselves to the top 100 may be pertinent, it was probably decided that plummeting the depths of the billionths would be altogether too time consuming. If you're interested the full list is available on the BBC's website, and pretty much every other news site in the UK.
Meanwhile, perhaps indicating why I shall never feature on any such esteemed list, my haphazard exploration of the new tablet continues. As promised, I have been using it for work as well as play utilising the very useful Polaris Office. I spent a pleasant forty five minutes in a café the other day, slurping a rapidly cooling pot of tea while I typed out a plan of action for Billy 3. Spending too much time with my imaginary friends does get a little stifling so being amongst living people was a refreshing change, and productive too. Having seen how useful the tool is, I've continued using it for my planning at home and I'm hopeful it will speed progress of the third book.
And then to play. A visit to our gorgeous daughter at the weekend resulted in a list of 'must have' games for Android. I'm not certain about some of them, but 'Cut the Rope' and '100 Floors' have been keeping me amused ever since, though he who fixes the computer has complained about the constant muttering and exasperated sighing. In my defence some of those levels are pretty tricky.

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