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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A New Pen, Please!

Why, oh why, oh why, is Christmas such a long way off? When I was asked what I wanted for Christmas last year I hadn't a clue what to say. Now, with months and months to go, I've found the perfect thing! It's a 3D doodler pen! I know! It's the pen we dreamed of when we were children !
The 3Doodler pen is not available yet as its inventors need Kickstarter backing before they can bring it to market.
So, Father Christmas, a couple of wishes if I may - please, please could you work your magic and drum up some backing for WobbleWorks and having done that, could I have a 3Doodler for Christmas? Pleeeease?

Could I also add that I will, of course, be a very good girl and would only ever use a 3Doodler (should you feel inclined to leave one in my stocking) for worthwhile purposes (like, drawing myself a pair of stick-on Vulcan ears, enhancing my husband's bedside table with scary 3Doodled 'monsters', or creating a fleet of model cars to play with when I should be writing).


  1. That is so cool!! Could you put a good word in for me too?! I was thinking I could make something like a dinosaur, to fight the monsters! ;)

  2. Ooh, that could be fun! I'd better put in an order for plenty of plastic too then! ;-)