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Thursday 7 February 2013

Road Block

The three point turn, stuff of nightmares for every learner driver, the careful application of clutch and brake, stopping just before the kerb without ever actually touching it. Ah yes, in some ways it's worse than the hill start, which I recall doing in my old Mini on a ridiculously steep hill the planners had surely built into the town's fabric purely for the purposes of torturing learner drivers.
But that pales into insignificance compared to the situation a Naples driver found himself in. He was apparently attempting to turn his car around in a very narrow and seemingly quiet street. It was a tricky manoeuvre involving a good deal of shunting back and forth, but at least there was no-one else around. Until the cars started queueing up. And then the convoy of motorbikes. And then of course there was the church procession. It all started to get a bit Italian after that.
I do wonder why he was trying to turn the car in such a tight space, and why he kept turning the wheels the wrong way, but I also feel incredibly sorry for him. The manoeuvre would have been stressful enough in the first place, without the whole town turning out to observe, advise and ultimately heckle.

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