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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stories to Inspire

Allow me to set the scene: a chill wind blows, a young man trudging through the thick snow stops to ask directions from a restaurateur. The restaurateur is surprised by the young man's destination, knowing it to be at least another six miles away. Nevertheless, he tells him the way. Shortly afterwards, driving down the road with his wife, he spots the young man again, still ploughing through the snow. He offers him a lift, they start chatting, and it turns out the young man is walking to an interview for a minimum wage job. He has no money for a bus, but needs a job to support his brothers and sisters following his mother's death, so he's prepared to walk, through the snow, ten miles both ways for an interview. The restaurateur, impressed by the young man's determination, immediately offers him a job in his own restaurant on double the minimum wage.
And then there are the photographs of the Buddhist monks celebrating Makha Bucha. I'd love that first picture as wallpaper on my screen, it's just stunning. The world is a pretty amazing place really, once you sweep aside celebrity and politics.
Hope that's put you in a good mood. It's certainly inspired me.

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