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Tuesday 29 January 2013


It may have been noted that I take in a keen interest in other people's homes, particularly any that fit firmly in the 'unusual' category (i.e. Spitbank Fort which I mentally moved into at the end of last year). Well, the Mail and the Telegraph have got me thinking again today.
The Mail tells the story of a family of fourteen (yes, fourteen) who sold up and moved the whole family (all fourteen of them) into an R.V. and now spend their days touring the states, home schooling their children and doing pretty much as they please. It sounds idyllic.
There is a part of me, admittedly kept firmly under control, that would love to shrug off the chains of convention, sell up and take off in a motorhome. I can just imagine it: me writing whenever the muse strikes, the computer fixer bashing out complex code on his laptop to sell to the highest bidder, while we watch the moon's reflection in the sea, or the sun rise over the mountains, or sip wine in the vineyards of Europe, or ...
Of course, it's fun to dream, but there's something reassuring about bricks and mortar and your own plot of land. With that in mind, I might be tempted by a few of the homes featured in the Telegraph's gallery. I'm particularly struck by the Lime Works, but I'd only be interested if the two water towers on either end are, in fact, giant funnel slides.
The question is, fort, water tower, cricket pavilion or motorhome? It's so hard to choose. And would our conventional home become unconventional if we stay here long enough?

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