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Monday, 14 January 2013

Dreary Day

I looked out during the night to see a beautiful snowy scene. This morning all that was left was mush, and rain, and more rain. For heaven's sake, how's a person supposed to build a snowman around here?
The news doesn't help. I'm looking for inspiration, something to ignite my creative fire. Failing that, I'd just like something funny. Nothing. Just the same old boring politics and gloom.
I needed something, anything, to put a little colour into an otherwise dreary day. And then it came to me, a blast from the past: Ok Go's video for 'Here It Goes Again'.
And Mother, please do not try this at home. I don't want a call from the Wise One saying you're in A&E.


  1. I really want to give that a go, but I saw at least 10 places where I would have fallen over or gone the wrong way!

  2. Only 10?! It does look fun, but I can imagine there would be some painful collisions!