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Thursday 10 January 2013

Breaking the Ice

There's news today that makes me want to grab my pen to write an ending. I refer to the story of the killer whales trapped beneath the ice in Hudson Bay. Apparently they're surviving at the moment by using a small air hole in the ice, but the hole is shrinking as the ice spreads and the poor whales are getting a wee bit panicky. So would I be. Well, I wouldn't, because I wouldn't be swimming in the Hudson Bay at the warmest of times, let alone now, but you know what I mean. The local people have appealed for help for the whales, but nothing short of an ice breaker is going to work, and they are evidently pretty busy rescuing trapped ships at the moment.
To be honest while it might not be fun being stuck on a ship in the ice at least there would be plenty of fresh air, unlike whales without a breathing hole. So in my ending for the story, the good people of Inukjuak labour away with their puny axes and knives to keep the diminishing hole clear for as long as possible then, just as it's all looking hopeless, to a great fanfare (please supply your own as I don't know how to begin spelling one) along comes the mighty ice breaker. Cue the sentimental music, much cheering and a dozen very happy killer whales (who quite possibly go on to sink the aforementioned ice breaker in the exuberance of their celebrations - that's the non-Disney version obviously).
Please feel free to invent your own ending for the story as the UK news will doubtless now forget all about it and we'll never know the real outcome. Let's hope it's a happy one for the whales, and the people, and of course the ice breakers.

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