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Wednesday 9 January 2013

'Back' in Business

I must apologise for my prolonged absence, it's entirely my own fault - I put my back out moving half the contents of the house back into place after Christmas. I've had trouble with my back since I was a teenager, but in my head I'm strong as an ox and don't need to ask someone else to lift, fetch and carry for me. Whatever my head thinks, an ox I most certainly am not. Having spent the last three days flat out on the living room floor unable to manage anything more than the occasional self-pitying groan, I think my days of denial are now behind me. No more heavy lifting for me.
Today, however, I can sit for long enough to check out the news and catch up. My standard trawl of the Mail's site took me, rather dispiritedly, through their usual pre-occupations, but it did turn up one gem. It might end up costing me though, because now I want to replace all our furniture. The gem in question covers the work of  'Straight Line Designs', creators of some of the most innovative and imaginative furniture I've ever seen.
'Straight Line Designs' own website has an excellent gallery, but if you wish, here's the link to the story on the Mail's site.
I want 'Bug Street' because it looks like a giant play set, 'Bad Table' because it's so irresistibly mischievous, 'Raymond' for his laid back style, 'Sobey' because it's simply beautiful, and 'Beaver' just because it made me laugh.

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