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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 ... I mean 13!

So that's it then. Nothing left but the recycling. Advent, the 24th and 25th December are easily my absolute favourite time, the 31st is my absolute worst. I hate, loathe and detest New Year's Eve. I know, I know, what a grump, but don't be fooled by this deceptively happy day. New Year's Eve is the full stop at the end of Christmas, the giant ugly raspberry marking the end of the get-together. In comes the new year and down come the decorations, turn off those happy cheery fairy lights. Everyone back to work/ school/ university. Back to grey, dreary everyday.
Yes, New Year's Eve is the headteacher of dates, pointing a great warty, chalk-coated finger at us, telling us the holiday is over. And then there's the added irritation of knowing I'll spend the next three months constantly writing the wrong date everywhere. I'd just got used to it being 12, now I have to adjust to 13, and 13's unlucky you know!
Still, for those of you of a different persuasion, here's some footage of the budget going up in smoke. I'm off to stare at the fairy lights for a couple of hours.
Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Kay

    At least the sun is shining for the first day of the New Year which is certainly different from yesterday.


  2. Yes, I have decided that there will be a new rule for 2013. The weather shall be set by the conditions on the first day of the year. Therefore, there will be no more rain, just sun from now until the next New Year's Eve.
    A happy new year to you too, Jim. I'm pleased to see that 'John' is hard at work on PPE Light already!