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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mixed News

The news today announces that us women look our oldest at half-past three on Wednesday afternoons (I shan't even dignify that with a response), the prime minister wants to have a referendum on the EU, but only when he wins the next election (again, probably better to say nothing to that), and most parents routinely lie to their children (I thought we agreed to keep quiet about that?).
Not exactly riveting news, but there is one intriguing article on the BBC news site. Someone with rather too much time on their hands has taken the photos sent in by viewers and made a photomosaic out of them. It's fully zoomable, so you can look at the individual pictures, or you can sit back and take in the overall effect.
All clever stuff, but it can't rival the item brought to my attention by none other than the wise one. He emailed me a link to a winter maintenance message put together by Torfaen Council. I'm not sure what we learn from the video, but I love it anyway.
See how a bit of creativity can liven up the news?

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