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Sunday 13 January 2013

Time for Wasting

I've had a few complaints about a post from a short while ago. There have been reports of much time being lost, work not completed, dogs not walked and dinners left uncooked, all thanks to the Live Ships Map (link provided for those of you who missed it the first time around, I'd hate to think I might have failed to corrupt someone!).
Well, just to show how sorry I am, and that I do truly listen to the comments and observations made about this blog, I'm going to direct you to another spectacular time-waster: this one is a live map of the London Underground! The explanation at the side of the map does warn that the trains may occasionally appear to do strange things - while I was watching a train en-route to Borough Station diverted to take in the Bankside branch of Lloyds TSB (other banks are available) and the Little Dorritt Park. Indeed I suspect there's a whole new sport to be found in searching out the train that strays the furthest from its actual route.
And just in case you find yourself with a few minutes left to squander, there's a partial live map of the wider rail network, though in truth, that one is rather less exciting.
I await your complaints with great anticipation!


  1. I fink this is well out of order. I went cold turkey on that boating sight and didn't touch it for too hole dayz - honest guv, I didn't. Now you come up with anuvver one! That's the problem wiv dese sights, you try and ban them from your thoughts but then they just go underground.
    I'm gonna haf to tunnel my way out of this one - just hope I manage to get souf of the rivver 'fore it getz dark.
    No neck Nick.

  2. Oh Richard, er, I mean Nick! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for your day to go completely down the tube, honestly!