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Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day

The forecast had led me to believe I would wake to a thick blanket of snow swept into drifts by a howling wind, but morning dawned with just a rather pathetic sprinkling. I think it got held up at Bristol. But it's here now! The birds are out there digging in the snow for scraps of food, throwing accusing looks my way. I'm expecting demands for a snow shelter soon!
The local 4x4 Response team were on the local news night, carefully loading their vehicles with emergency supplies and preparing to head out into the blizzards to provide transport for nurses and doctors. All boy's own stuff. In fact, impressed by the idea of such heroics, he who fixes the computer started muttering about trading me in for a 4x4. I pointed out that he'd be unlikely to get much of a Landrover out of such an exchange, but he still had a contemplative look in his eye this morning. He was joking. I think.
So, I hope you're all safe and warm tucked up by a fire, or at least a piping hot radiator. Don't forget, if you can't get out, The QT Anthology, Book Two, Unseen Stories will be available free this weekend. I'm not certain what time the promotion will start as they do vary, but it's scheduled to run on the 19th and 20th.

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