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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Computer Fixer Crashes

He who fixes the computer fell off his bike last night. Don't panic, apart from a rather colourful bruise on his left hip he's fine, though he does admit to extreme embarrassment.
He has been cycling to work for more years than I can remember, and every day I worry that he'll be knocked over by a careless driver (which did happen once, though the lady in question was very decent about it and scraped him and his bike off the tarmac, brought him home and duly paid for the repairs).
But on this occasion I suspect I may have been slightly less than sympathetic. It was his own fault, he'd made it all the way home safely only to fall at the last turn. Basically he tried to turn into the drive too early and, instead of gliding easily up the dropsets, crashed headlong into the kerb.
He claims he was distracted by a dog. I didn't ask if the owner of the dog was a young, nubile blonde in skimpy clothing because to be honest we don't get many of them in our village, especially when it's three degrees out there. In fact, I have my doubts there even was a dog. I think it may have been an invention to distract attention from the fact that he who fixes the computer forgot where his own drive was.
Tonight I'm going to stand outside with glow lights, aka those chaps on the aircraft carriers, and wave him safely into the, frankly, fairly wide driveway. I'm also going to instruct all dog walkers to find an alternative route, for their own safety!


  1. Hi Kay
    IMHO it was Global Warming.
    The dog slipped on some ice and your dearly beloved was so concerned that he miscalculated. Or he could have been on the same booze in my latest story.

  2. Hi Jim, I'm not at all sure he needs any more excuses! Though now you mention it, perhaps pink elephants could have played their part. I must investigate!