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Saturday 21 April 2012

Window Shopping

I was standing in front of a store window yesterday, not loitering with any malicious intent, but the family had split like skittles to go about their various business and I was hoping to grab them as they passed by. Bearing in mind that the window I was standing in front of belonged to a high street bank, with nothing more exciting in it than the latest rotten savings rate, I was rather surprised when a lady stalked up and began peering around me in a desperate attempt to see whatever display I was blocking.
It reminded me of the sage words of the wise one (Dad again!), that it would be entirely possible to stand before the whitewashed window of an empty shop and still have someone shove you aside for fear of missing out on something. I think I might be missing a marketing trick here. Perhaps I should produce an advertisement for 'Billy of Boldre Wood', then stand immediately in front of it. My only fear would be that I might be trampled by the rush of people desperate to see what it was I was blocking!

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