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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Searching for that Special Agent

Following the encouraging rejection received on that auspicious date, Friday 13th, I have devoted some time this week to searching for agents to submit 'Lucky Dip' to. It's not a process I enjoy. I suppose I could take the blanket bomb approach and just rattle off dozens of copies and send it off to anyone and everyone, but I find that idea rather soulless. Hence, I spend hours trawling through the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, then prowling through websites for up to date information.
Some of the agents' websites are so discouraging, understandably, given the volume of submissions they receive, but it does deter me. I may be being too picky, but I'm looking for an approachable agent, one who really seems to want to help me to make the most of my writing.
So for now, my copy of the yearbook will grow ever more dog-eared, and my bookmarks list will grow ever longer and less manageable, as the search for that elusive agent continues.

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