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Monday 2 April 2012

A Plea to Sainsburys

When I was young I used to hate toast. Toast was what we had on weekday mornings. Cereals were saved for the weekend. Toast meant school, cereals meant fun.
These days my breakfast menu has reversed. Cereals are a weekday thing as they're quick. Toast has become the weekend treat. And furthermore, I have become an aficionado of toast. Not just any old bread will do, nor any old toaster. Many years ago we invested in a Dualit toaster, which was worth every penny it cost, and the best toast, that perfect mixture of density, moisture, taste and size, came from Sainsburys large white organic loaves.
Friday morning would see me walking to my local store to buy our weekend loaf, always early, as we were not the only ones who liked them and they disappeared fast. It required a certain determination, grit, and strategy to secure that loaf, but I was well practised in the craft.
But then, horror of horrors, they stopped stocking them! For two weeks now all they've had are the teeny weeny small loaves. Right density, moisture and taste, but hopeless size. When we approached the bakers to ask for an explanation they informed us that the supplier had been changed and they no longer receive the large white organics.
Our weekend toast now hangs in the balance! I have contacted customer services, pleading for the return of our toast, but mine is a lone and relatively quiet voice. I can but hope that someone high up in Sainsburys will hear of our plight and take pity. I shall, of course, keep you informed on progress in this most pressing of issues, but for now I shall fly the banner:
Save Our Toast!

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