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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Billy of Boldre Wood

I was besieged by vivid dreams last night, mostly involving reviews of Book One of the Trilogy. Some of them were good, glowing even, but some were brutal, cruel, highlighting my every failing as a writer. So it was with a good deal of trepidation that I approached the computer this morning.
Nervously I called up my account and checked on the status of my old pal Billy. I held my breath as the information loaded. What would I find? Would that vicious troll really have dumped a one star review against my book?
Thankfully not! It's probably far too early, and Billy remains unreviewed and unstarred, but I suspect I shall have a few more strange dream nights before the month is out.
I neglected to mention yesterday that there is a sample read available on Amazon, so if you feel like taking a look here's the link:
The story is aimed somewhere in the age range of ten to twelve, but so far most of my readers have been older and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so it would seem that Billy has a broad appeal.

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