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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gloomy News for Toast

My dedicated Customer Manager made contact today, proving just how dedicated he is as today is, after all, Easter Sunday. Even the supermarkets aren't open today! Sadly the news looks bad for SOT. In short, their old supplier closed and they can't find a new factory that will make the large white organic loaves. As a consolation, he did point out that the small loaves are on offer, perhaps in the forlorn hope that two smalls might equal one large. He also offered the assurance that the search for a new supplier continues.
So for now, here at SOT HQ, I'm left with little choice but to make my own bread. The trouble is, my bread machine has recently developed an annoying habit of welding the loaves to the tin. The result being, my home-made loaves aren't much bigger than the small organic by the time I've chiselled them out!
The campaign banner has undergone a timely and appropriate alteration today:

Save Our Toast

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  1. Sigh, rest in piece toast... You shall be greatly missed!