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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Surprise Visitor

It's been a few days since I posted, so I apologise if you were worried that some dreadful fate had befallen me on Friday 13th. Rest assured, I made it through that infamous date unscathed. The reason for my absence is actually far more fun. That certain rather special person made a surprise train trip home in order to spend an extended weekend with us to celebrate 'he who fixes the computer' 's birthday!
She brought with her a really good computer game, 'Asylum Conspiracy', a hidden object, puzzle game. We've been playing this kind of games since she was very small, but this one ranks as one of the better in recent times. None of the recent games can hope to compete with the excellent Myst series of the 90s, but this one came close for pure entertainment.
The unexpected visit, huddling around the computer solving puzzles together instead of mindlessly watching the TV, a meal out with friends and then going on a fossil hunt on a windy hill all combined to make it a pretty amazing weekend!
The only downside was the rushed farewell at the station amidst the panic of making sure she got onto the right train. Ah well, not long 'til Easter.


  1. It was great fun, glad I came over :) We're playing it here now, someone seems to be a lot faster at finding things than the rest of us! Typical! Ahh well, at least I'm there when he's stuck :D

  2. Some people just have to show off, don't they!